Mariama Tené

The Recipe for Me

1 part Diva
1 part nerd
1 part B-girl
3 parts Earth Mother
2 handfuls of anger
3 big scoops of a smile
A dash of sensuousness

Clearances of wishes utilized to fortell the truths withheld,
in the midst of tact,
is free in my eyes.

Slightly used areas of kindred feeling
hold ceremony alongside the aftermath of 
here and now, reeling.

Today stands,
holding my head heavenward.
Hearing the story the ancestors saved for me,
instead of her.

My feet are fleeting on the road of those
who swam, and flew and floated toward
the right-eous-ness.
Watch me pass.

The way through, full with special-ness.
The way over, covered with certainty.
The way under, sending my shadow ahead.
The way beside, celebrating the warmth.
The way into, carrying as I ride,
all my tools.
I surface into my Mariama-ness.

©Mariama Tené


a purposeful push forward

"Peace is a state of mind.
Love is a frame of mind.
Truth is a game of mind."

©Mariama Tené


Soul Sistar On The Rise

"I am a Soul Sistar On The Rise my values,
my consciousness,
my path can not be compromised.

I have trained my mind to see the unseen
and read between the lines.

Those that pay attention may be able surmise, the power put forth in flight,
I am aiming for the light,
transcend then ascend,
my beyoutillfull GOD ordained effort to rise.
Rise Sistars Rise!!!"

 ©Mariama Tené

Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur. Goal oriented free spirit who wills change into my life. Manifesting  a destiny aligned with the gifts and interest  bestowed. Currently an active seeker of Holistic remedies with a penchant for high technology. Who enjoys cooking and baking organically. Having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over 14 years ago I have refused to allow it to define me. Developer of Ritualz Beauty Wellness  hair and skin care line. Co-Host of Womb-Mans Wedesdays  talk show as part of the Discipleship Radi0 line up on  l am beginning to express my journey and findings on my website  as well my Youtube channel  Be You Till Full Love ​​
A specialized all-inclusive Travel Agent via  . I am also a Homeschool parent who is currently pursuing a MA/Phd in Ecopsychology
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